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and it's battering new york city. the super storm sent water rushing into the street and thousands are without power and we got thousands without power here in our area, a lot of cancellations tomorrow. tonight 9 news has crews bringing you the latest to keep you and your family safe. first, the latest. >> good news. the winds will not be as strong as we thought, that's the good news but the bad news is they will be persistent into early on tuesday. so some good news there. maximum wind 60-miles per hour so far and 90-mile per hour in long island. for more on winds, here is erica. >> yeah, the winds are strong but they have subsided a little bit since the last time we were with you. 47 miles per hour is the current peak wind gust. 37 in ocean city and 39 in philadelphia. 36 in norfolk where we are expecting those winds to get a little bit lighter in the norfolk area but in the dc metro, we're expecting these winds to continue to gust between 40 and 60 miles per hour as we head through the overnight hours. right thousand we're at 48 in baltimore and same martins burg and 60 still
. >> and it has flooded several new york city subway tunnels, and much of the manhattan skyline is dark. >> just very odd to see. here in d.c., can you expect strong winds and heavy rain throughout the night. the federal government and many local governments and school systems will bound b closed tomorrow. for the latest, go to our website, >> with this storm system, it delivered something quite quiet different just a couple of hours west of d.c. we're talking snow and lots of it. counties in maryland, virginia, and west virginia all bracing for feet of the white stuff. >> reporter: the national weather service issued blizzard warnings for much of the appalachian mountains. west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency as the snow began to fall. >> we're getting ready for the winter storm, you know. >> reporter: the snowshoe mountain resort was one of the first to see the snow. 4 inches now could grow to 2 feet by tomorrow. some roads are treacherous already. >> our friend's car doesn't have the great est tires. they've been spinning around on the road one time, so i'm going
it's going to make landfall somewhere between dc and new york city. and if it does somewhere in between there, the storm is so big, it will have an impact on us. the farther south, the larger the impact. let's start with the warnings. we're looking at a storm that has sustained winds of 75 miles an hour. it's a category one. low end. about 35 miles south, southeast of charleston. movement to the north at about 7. we're looking at warnings up to hatteras. essentially the entire southeast coast. no changes yet, but i would not be surprised tomorrow or at least by sunday if we get some watches, tropical storm watches and warnings even in the immediate delmarva coast. okay. let's go over the scenarios. and i've changed this a little bit. one scenario we take it out to sea. 5% chance. scenario two, new york city north. i think even ift hits new york city, we'll get an inch or so of rain with winds 15-30 miles an hour. scenario 3, about a 30% chance in between new york city and atlantic city. now we have winds of 20-40 miles an hour. up the rainfall a little bit too. 1-3 inches. so
, no rain. scenario two, it goes north of new york city. we get an inch of rain, probably not going to happen either. the two most likely scenarios, 3, maybe a 40% chance. we get 1-4 inches. winds 20-40. the worst scenario would be scenario four, 30% chance it comes across thnorthern bay and just north of town. then we get 40-70 miles per hour and 2-8 inches of rain. i'll be back with a full forecast. we'll talk about the impact of the storm and the timing. >> thanks, topper. >>> tonight, some parts of delaware's beach resorts are under a mandatory evacuation order. the state is telling people who live in parts of bethany, dewey, all other coastal areas to move out by 8:00 tomorrow night. the word from ocean city, maryland, is anybody planning to visit should postpone their travels and people who live in the downtown area should be prepared for evacuation. rain and winds from the massive storm have been pounding the north carolina coast. hurricane sandy is threatening some 60 million americans in the eastern third of the united states. residents in maryland and virginia are spending
of the district court judge in new york city. he was dressed in a blue prison shirt revealing his amputated arms, which are usually covered by prosthetic hooks for hands. the terror suspect is charged with attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. >> the camp would have trained al-qaeda sympathizers here in the united states and have them trained in explosive training and frankly, soldier training. >> two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one of them is charged with terrorism conspiracy in connection with a 1998 bombing, killing 224 people, including a dozen americans. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> this is the second time a creature brought to this court to answer charges. the blind shake was convicted here in 1995 for plotting to blow up the new york city bridges and tunnels. this case is a culmination of several years of trying to get almazri and the other four suspects extradited from the uk. the infamous shoe bomber and september 11 conspirator were followers. the fiveterror susp
. >> hip. >> reporter: an article saying, quote, the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets, the hipness debate has raged on. first, when you think of hip as hipsters. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: some who organize onesie bar crawls. brooklyn new york wins on that front. >> hip. >> reporter: so to compare -- >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: she is promoting her hometown hipness in the hippest way on twitter. >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: to be fair, we reached out to the author. she wasn't available, but in the article she points to one detracting factor, lots of young people here that would be hip work for the government or, quote, the man. >> nonprofit people, everyone's talking about politics, you know. >> that's not hip? >> not hip at all. >> i think it really needs to support the arts more. >> reporter: she moved here, picked columbia heights to live in. he was leaning as d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we
and 470 miles south of new york city. she will turn eventually to the north and then northwest. this is what makes the storm unprecedented that most nor easters continued along the east coast. itthis one is making a left turn. we're looking at hurricane- force winds in delaware as we get into monday. after it rolls through it gets into south central pa. this is now tuesday night, 8:00. we still have 50 miles per hour winds. it's kind of ironic and a little bit different. we talk about hurricanes losing strength when they make landfall, but it will strengthen a little bit as it makes landfall and shortly thereafter before it finally weakens and tracks off into southern quebec eventually. i think this tracks a little too quick. i think it will slow down and sit in south central pa for a couple of days. maybe wednesday and begin to leave on thursday. by tomorrow morning winds will be buffeting everybody east of i-95. good news, hurricane-force winds offshore. then we get into monday afternoon. now we have tropical storm force winds back to winchester all the way back down into the
of the damage caused by sandy. new york city took a punch to the gut. a storm surge that sent a 14- foot wall of water crashing into lower manhattan. not just flooded streets and buildings, flooded tunnels and subway lines. winds so fierce they ripped the front right off a building in manhattan and they fueled a ferocious fire in breezy point queens. 80 homes reduced to ashes. a power plant exploding. lights out to a quarter million people. and to one of the most famous skylines in the world. tonight, new york is starting to get back on its feet. those floodwaters are receding. most bridges in and out of the big apple are back open. and full bus service resumes tomorrow in manhattan. but the subway still days from reopening. and tens of thousands of homes and businesses still with no lights. the death toll in new york city at least 18. that crane that nearly came down in the wind? mayor bloomberg says it's stable for now and crews will have to put up another crane to bring that one down. >> for now, the crane still dangles over west 57. you can see it there behind me. normally this is one of
am not expecting anything. >> reporter: are we too connected in this busy city we hit a happy hour, in the west end, friday to find out. >> absolutely, i check my work e-mail after work and on the weekends and when i wake up. i check it all of the time. >> i got a timer here, let's see how long it takes you to whip out your blackberry and iphone and ... and go. >> here we go. one, two, let's see, let's see. and we are still doing this. and he is looking. and there it is. nine seconds. let's go, let's see how much it take me to get my wusa e-mail. the pressure is on. i got to go, 11 seconds. done. >> from the west end wusa9. >>> i'm guilty of this. >> i think we all are. just to make sure that all of you are not complaining. we do care what our facebook friends have to say. >> as a matter of fact we want to know, they are always plugged into work. laura writes i am committed to my clients. tonya says i am on maternity leave and check e-mails and john says it is not a healthy way to work or live. you need balance in life. john, do you check your e- mails, that is what you want to kno
. i mean, i wish we could handle like students and parts of the city could really handle celebrating. >> officers used pepper spray to quell the crowd. five people were charged with arson related offenses. police arrested 10 others on charges, including alcohol- related crimes, battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. jerry sandusky facing sentencing on tuesday. the former penn state assistant coach was convicted last spring of 45 separate child sexual abuse crimes. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. whatever the sentence, sandusky's first stop will be the camp hill state prison where he will undergo testing and classification. lawsuits filed by his victims against penn state university are expected to climb well into the millions of dollars. 9news now will have complete coverage of tuesday's sentencing. >>> a fate with an acquaintance leaves an alexandria man dead tonight. police were called to the 5400 block of broadmoor street in franconia. they say a 30-year-old man died as a result of trauma. >> we do to have wait for the office of medic
these things always need a nickname. the catch, the music city miracle, whatever. so the run. 76 yards in 67 or 7 can -- 6 or 7 seconds for the touchdown and suddenly redskins can stop hoping and start believing that this rg3 guy, he's the real deal. when he's playing well, there is nobody this team can't beat, and then finally when the booth announcers say somebody's got to make a play, everybody knows that that somebody wears number 10 in burgundy and gold. anita? >> and giddy. i was giddy watching that, honestly. >> it was scary at first. oh, he's going to run again. >> we don't want him to get hit, right? >> go, go, go. >> giddy. >> it is the real deal. >>> we are looking at a little bit cooler air tonight. for a cold front in october, this is not so bad. pretty nice tomorrow. nothing like last friday when we had the big cold front come in. a live look outside, it is our michael and son weather cam. high was 72. the low so far today is the current temperature of 60. a dew point has fallen back into the 40s. the winds northwest at 12. the front has been through us for a few hours now. the
would be if we lived in the same city. >> safe to say they're more than friends true to the research, she think it is rest of her guy friends are just that. >> do you think any of them are attracted to you. >> i don't know. i haven't asked them. >> well, the new study says they probably are. >> well, too bad for them i guess. >> back to jake now who think it is study is spot on. >> i mean i think that is the real thing. and there are women who i have been friend with who i was also tracted to. but it is really refreshing to be around women and not have a sexual tension. >> but you know you are sitting here next to this girl that you are interested in so you have to say that; right? >> yes, i understand that. that's true. >> to sum it autopsy, we go back to -- up we go back to maybe the ultimate video clip and it is not the show with the name because they were all hooking up. >> so you are saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive. >> now, you want to nail him too. >> i have to laugh. sorry. we asked you what you thought and here are the tweets. mr. terrifi
an attack in new york city today. we carry out the reaction who says the timing of this bust no coincidence. kenny. >> reporter: the arrest according to one cia officer may be playing into current day politics, especially coming off the heels of the attack on our embassy. this is the man federal investigators claim wanted to kill americans. 21-year-old quazi mohammad rezwanul ansan nafis came to the u.s. from bangladesh on a student visa but according to authorities his real intention was to carry out a terrorist attack. agents pretending to be al qaeda arranged meetings where they planned the attack with a fake bomb. >> he was motivated by al qaeda. >> reporter: he was accused of driving a van with a 1,000-pound bomb to the federal reserve bank in manhattan. he then allegedly tried to detonate the bomb. as planned, it didn't work and he was arrested putting an end to the sting operation. >> he was thinking with his heart, not his head. this was another example of the fbi of doing an effective job of undercover operations. >> reporter: but an expert, the timing of the bust may be politicall
. scenario two, goes into new york city or further north. now we have winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour. rain, just showers. don't see any flooding with scenario two. scenario three, now we're tracking it a little further south, northeast pennsylvania and northern new jersey, winds of 20 to 40, rain, perhaps an inch or less. scenario four, a 25% chance, it goes into northeast maryland or southeast pennsylvania. this could be a disaster. 40 to 70-mile-per-hour winds, two to four inches of rain. this is generally the circle of where most of the damage would occur, and that would include pretty much the entire metro area. we haven't talked about it yet but it is possible in the mountains above about 2,000 feet west of the divide, and in the allegheny mountains north in pennsylvania they could even get some snow on the back side of this storm. that's the way it looks. again, scenario four not so good. any questions about the scenario? >> so a one in four chance of the scenario happening that we really don't want. when would you be able to tell us whether or not that's going to be a reality? >> i
of the district's troubled past. today city leaders unveiled the plan to transform the old st. elizabeth hospital grounds into a mecca of commerce, dining and culture in ward 8. it's one of the city's poorest areas with unemployment above 50% in some neighborhoods. mayor barry says the development is long overdue. >> for so long the d.c. government promised and didn't deliver. but now we've got a mayor who believes in delivering. we've got a council member and a council believes in delivering. but delivering to who? the people. >> to have options that we no longer have, and i do work in ward 8 and there are very few food optionness ward 8, so we're excited about that. looking forward to it. >> the st. elizabeth development is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to ward 8 residents. the plan also includes sustainable features such as reuse of reclaimed wood and harvesting rainwater to use for restrooms. >>> just ahead on 9 news now this saturday night, tough night for the groom when his bachelor party sinks. we'll explain. >>> oh, it's awesome. it's so big, too. i can't believe it's going down the
finally had the engineer to cuts microphone. that's what i had to do to corral one big city mayor in an environment i completely controlled. so imagine jim lehrer that in debate hall. he can't cut anybody's microphone and he's dealing with the president of the united states and another guy who is gutsy enough to try and take the job. and he's supposed to control these guys and do that in an untested format designed to be loose and open-ended and sort of free flowing? shoot, i don't care what the critics say, jim lehrer did what any moderator would have done in that situation. the best he could. anita. >> thank you, derek. >>> rats, roaches, mice, you name it, we've got it in tonight's food alert. just wait until you see what our cameras found inside a restaurant that claimed hat cleaned up. from dupont circle to bethesda and into arlington, here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: instinctively we know roaches are wrong, right? food safety managers are required in restaurants because they're trained to watch out for other risks like food in the temperature danger zo
stations. this is the same ad that stirred up controversy when it appeared in the new york city subway. it reads, in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. defeat jah jahad. >> the ones who are putting these ads together, they are entitled to their bigotry and hate and we descend that right. is this what we need? we need more tolerant messages. >> that ad is sponsored by a group known as the american freedom defense initiative. metro has to display the ad by monday afternoon. >>> new tonight at 11:00, a mistake that can't be hidden. the u.s. military spent millions developing a new camouflage uniform for troops in afghanistan. too bad they didn't conceal the troops. james has more. >> in a case of trying to be good enough for everything, but not being good enough for anything. cost the army millions of dollars and put our soldiers at risk. >> the idea was to develop a camouflage pattern that could be used in multiple environments. urban environment, devert environment, and so on. >> phillip is with the washington guardian. awarded the army the
of the health plan. that is owned by jeffrey thompson. chartered health is the city's largest manager of healthcare. its contract with the dc government valued at more than $350 million. our source says the missing 5 million was discovered in an audit we first reported thursday night that dc officials board of directors jeff thompson and others signed places to put the company under a receiver. that receiver is authorized to seek a buyer for chartered health plan. >> coming up, a very special moment for an 8-year-old girl's gym class. a long awaited surprise reunion. >> the band is strutting down georgia avenue today. big crowds for the homecoming weekend. we're going to fake you there. >> it was a gorgeous saturday, but even better weather. look at your wake up forecast. clear and then sunny as we head to 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be 40s and 50s by 8:00. then we'll warm into the 60s in >>> a moment a little girl won't soon forget. the 8 years was sitting in class when she got a special surprise. her mom, an army sergeant, walked into the school gym. >> i love you. >> i love you, to
to this town, this city, this team, it's speechless. >> nobody really talked about it having a chance. we kept to ourselves and kept our noses in the game. and every single guy stepped up. so it's a huge accomplishment and we're happy to be the n.l. east division champs. >> we've come a long way. we've done some good things, a couple bad things. but to finish on top is something i'll never forget. >> now, it's all quiet out here. they're setting up the field for tomorrow's game but derek, this party is still going on down in the clubhouse. i'm sure it's going to be going on for quite awhile. >> you've got to wonder how it is for the baseball team to play a couple more games before the playoffs start. we want to let you know out here on the field they're cleaning up, but there is a lot of this and a lot of beer cans and bottles all around from the players who have been celebrating so much. as we notice, this also belongs to the fans. i know scott broom was outside that park as fans very excited began to make their way back home. josh? >> can you blame them? 79 years since a team from washington
have a solution. >> i would take both down to new orleans, give them a tour of that city's world war ii museum. i was lucky enough to get through there a few weeks back. let me just tell you, it's not so much a history lesson on our glorious past as it is a no holds bar reminder of just how tough that past actually was. i mean, think about it. your whole generation is going off to war, and back home, they're rationing steel, rubber, even food. i'm thinking it probably didn't feel all that glorious. and this went on for years. nobody loved it, but everybody lived it. but today, today sacrifice is a dirty word in our politics, and you can bet you will not hear it from either candidate in tomorrow's debate. they're scared. but i continue to believe they're also wrong. wrong about us, as americans. dudes, how about a little more courage, how about a little more leadership, how about spending less time telling us how great we are and more about how great we can be once we make some admittedly difficult choices. let's be real. we are starving for that sort of leadership and i think if one of
get out of my way. >> tell me what i'm under arrest for? >> reporter: that was in new york city. the controversial ads are hitting metro stations here. the woman behind them equally controversial blogger, pamela gellar. >> the ads were submitted because they were antiisrael ads running in the metro transit authority so our ads are submitted as a counter to those anti-israel ads. >> i think it's provocative in a bad way. >> it certainly makes you stop and think. >> probably emotional. emotions will be sparked by it. >> defend racism. >> reporter: while this woman, an egyptian born journalist may have taken her defense a little too far, some say this ad could spark more than spray paint. >> i have been many acts of vandalism and violence against muslims, and these happen because of the hate speech and intolerance against american muslims, and we believe that these kind of ads promote these sentiments against american islam and peaceful resolutions to conflict. >> not surprisingly, gellar has the opposite view. >> my ad is a love speech, not hate speech and we have to be able to t
making a 12-mile trek from the los angeles international airport through the downtown streets. the city cut down 400 trees, raised 100 power lines to give the five-story shuttle enough room for the journey. >> what a sight. >> unbelieve. >> we were talking about that a couple of weeks ago, how remarkable to see a space shuttle in person. if you get the opportunity you don't want to miss that. >> absolutely. >>> great weather. >> yeah. it s a great weekend. very nice and mild. a little breezy but you can't ask for much better in october. >> have you got more coming? >> no, sorry. mild weather stays with us, but the beautiful dry weather is going by the wayside. let's take a look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam. it's 67 degrees. obviously still very mild. our normal high is 69. so we're still even close to that right now at 11:00. the dew point has risen up to 57 degrees because of the southerly flow right now at 16 miles per hour. the humidity is 70% right now. and in your weather headlines, we have a cloudy and mild night obviously on tap. that's going to continue
seeverage team findy found them. >>> new tonight, hundreds of people filled san francisco city hall honoring a hometown hero killed half a era away. he and three other americans were murdered last month during an attack in ben ghazi. he went to college at berkeley and dedicated his life to serving his country. we also gather to celebrate. the immense accomplishments this man has made for us. >> that attack is under investigation including whether or not the security was insufficient. >> tonight, health workers in virginia report a second person has now died of mention jilt tills linked -- meningitis linked to steroids. agents from the fda and the justice department raided that facility, looking for evidence regarding the tainted drugs. members of congress want to know whether the company violated any laws or regulations. the nationwide meningitis outbreak killed at least 15 people and made more than 200 others sick. >>> did president obama and mitt romney tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth tonight? unlikely. we'll take you back to usa today to see what the fact checkers have to say.
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)